Strengthen the Adviser-Client relationship and create client stickiness by providing your clients with a full view of their financial position in real time.

Everything in one place

  • Automated feeds from banks, superannuation software, property, share portfolios, etc.
  • Store personal data, documents and financial information in real time
  • The ability for your clients to engage with their key relationships e.g. Lawyers, Executors, Family, Insurance and Mortgage brokers etc.
  • Budgeting of income & expenses
  • Budget vs actual analysis
  • Net worth analysis
  • Financial goal setting
  • Dynamic Debt reduction plans
  • Prepare for Estate Planning
  • Exchange Hub: Use data, documents and financial information to facilitate life and business transactions, such as securing a new loan, applying for insurance or executing a contract.
  • Smart Centre: Help your clients understand their financial position and how to drive wealth and business growth.
  • Integration: SVX partners with leading data providers to ensure that your client’s information is always up to date.

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