Seamless banking services

Imagine a platform that can help you integrate banking activities in one safe place

The SVX Platform allows banking institutions to better support and service their high-value customers, all while still operating within their own banking transactional system. Our integrated banking solutions help you gain visibility of your client’s activities so you can offer a premium, holistic approach to the management of their activities. and more.

Our online secure platform lets you can stand out from the competition and gives your high-value customers a more comprehensive and seamless service by making it easier to:

  • Get a real-time balance of your clients’ private and business financial positions across all their account activities
  • Manage high net worth clients’ needs
  • Provide support to the unique needs of Family office services
  • Facilitate easier use of Power of Attorney in transactions

How the SVX Platform can help

The SVX Platform helps facilitate smoother banking services with their unique features, including:

  • Secure document exchange, with full upload function
  • Obtain signatures from all parties
  • Get “transaction” ready sooner
  • Engage in video conferences with Secure Video Exchange
  • Better manage risk

Are you ready to transform how you engage with your clients?

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