Security Statement

At SVX we take security very seriously. We are completely committed to maintaining the security, integrity and confidentiality of the information stored on the SVX Platform. To support this, the SVX Platform has been architected and built from the ground up to be secure. Security is built into the fabric of our service at all layers of the Platform.

Process Security

  1. SVX development and management processes have been aligned with the global ISO-27001 security standard.
  2. SVX manages security vulnerability with regular security scans and penetration testing, along with independent audits of our security.

Access Security

  1. Secure transmission of data via encrypted transfers (SFTP/HTTPS).
  2. Providing multi factor authentication capability to confirm identity.
  3. Audit tracking of all activity within a customer’s platform.

Server side security

  1. Use of bank level encryption keys to ensure secure storage of data at rest.
  2. Use of localised Australian infrastructure at a secure data centre – ensuring data sovereignty.
  3. Tightly controlled and audited administration access practices.
  4. Providing multi factor authentication capability to confirm identity, with alert and logging features.