Secure Mortgage Broking

Get more sales, more easily with digital broking solutions

In a crowded marketplace you need to give your clients more value and help them take advantage of opportunities as they arise, while also meeting their challenges more easily.

With the SVX Platform you can act faster by having all of your client’s documents and data in one secure online vault. This means you can more quickly complete applications and secure that ‘sale’ – which is important in a tight market.

How the SVX Platform can help

The SVX Platform helps by encouraging faster and smoother brokerage services with its unique document exchange service, which includes:

  • Full upload, request and exchange function
  • More easily obtaining signatures, from all parties
  • Getting “Transaction Ready” sooner
  • Engaging in video conferences with Secure Video Exchange
  • Better managing risk

Are you ready to transform how you engage with your clients?

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