Provide your business clients with a full view of all their business’ in real time including financial position, risks, opportunities and alerts individually and/or as group. 

Tools for a successful business

  • Automatic feeds from your accounting software platforms
  • Analytics to show:
    • Current and year to date Sales figures
    • Working capital
    • Net Profit Margin
    • Current Ratio
    • Operating Ratio
    • Debt to equity ratio
    • Cashflow
    • Debtors & Payables
    • Net worth
    • Track and control compliance readiness
    • Plan and potentially execute the business exit strategy


  • Video Conferencing, Document Exchange & Storage: Engage with clients online, screen share documents, record meetings, and digitally sign documents and managing compliance efficiently – all stored in a secure vault
  • Trusted Entities: Providing the ability for you and your clients to engage with their key relationships (e.g. Lawyers, Executors, Family, Insurance and Mortgage brokers etc.)
  • Office Holders: Providing permission-based access for the key operational staff to access and manage the information of the client’s business.
  • White Labelling: Include your own company co-branding onto the SVX solution.

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