The SVX Platform gives your business an edge and helps you stay ahead of the competition

The Adviser Dashboard helps Advisers understand their portfolio of clients, manage their commitments and become proactive in delivering client value. Add value and improve revenue streams with your service offerings by providing you with a secure way to interact with your clients. Create client stickiness, increase client engagement and grow share of wallet by providing on-the- spot real time advice.

One solution for managing your clients’ personal and business affairs all in one place.

Actions & Alerts: Let the system do the work and advise you of opportunities and weaknesses. SVX allows immediate proactivity to get the most of your client’s financial situation.

Video Document Exchange (VDX): Engage with your clients online, screen share documents, record meetings, and digitally sign documents, managing compliance efficiently. Clients are often time poor and not always able to come into the office to make life changing decisions. Utilising the latest technology, our VDX feature allows you to engage with your clients seamlessly and still have positive outcomes with having to be in the same place at the same time.

Projects: Track and manage planned activities between you and your client (eg. get their affairs in order, purchase an investment property or undertake a company acquisition). Projects allow Firms to follow ‘best practice’ methodologies either set by the business or the industry. Processes can be created to ensure all requirements are met taking clients along their financial journey. Simple. Easy. Transparent.

White Labelling: Include your own branding onto the SVX platform and create a seamless client experience.

Flexible Cloud-based Implementation: We provide you with a range of ways to implement and host your installation of SVX i.e. on premise, private cloud or public cloud. You decide.

Tablet and Mobile Friendly: You and your clients can access SVX from any device, any location any time. Your clients’ financial information, position and documentation available at the tip of your fingertips.

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Benefit to Your Clients

Personal Vault: You and your personal clients can store their personal data, documents and financial information all in real time and prepare for significant life events such as Estate Planning, commencing a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, Purchasing an investment property, etc. An easy way to manage Family Offices.

Business Vault: You and your business clients can store business data, documents and financial information in real time and prepare for Compliance Readiness and to underpin business advisory services.

Both vaults can be consolidated to provide a consolidated view of both their personal and business financial information.

Trusted Entities: Providing the ability for you and your clients to engage with their key relationships (eg. Lawyers, Executors, Family, Insurance and Mortgage brokers etc.). Easy. Transparent. Effective. Seamless.

Exchange Hub: Use data, documents and financial information to facilitate life and business transactions, such as securing a new loan, applying for insurance or executing a contract.

Smart Centre: Analytics and reports to help clients understand their financial position and how to drive wealth and business growth.

Integration: SVX partners with leading data providers to ensure that your client’s information is always up to date i.e. Yodlee, Accounting software applications, RP Data, Banks, brokers, etc.


An integrated approach to Financial Solutions


Holistic suite of financial services

Alerts and notifications to advise and improve clients financial position

A complete view of your clients’ finances

Are you ready to transform how you engage with your clients?

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