Accounting that’ll change how you serve your clients

Do you run an accounting practice and want to offer your clients more?

Gone are the days of traditional face-to-face accountant-client meetings. Nowadays clients expect their accountants to be easily accessible, across all their details and able to securely meet virtually. With the SVX Platform you can give your clients secure digital accounting services and more.

What the SVX Platform can give your business

The SVX Platform gives your business an edge and allows you to:

  • Improve your relationships with your clients and more easily understand their financial position
  • Add value and improve revenue streams with your service offerings by providing you with a secure way to interact with your client
  • Facilitate improved investment outcomes
  • Gain a holistic view of a client’s individual and business financial position
  • Create targeted reports
  • Allow for easy company audits
  • Better service your high net worth individuals and meet their business and investment needs

What the SVX Platform can give your clients

Using a secure and private portal you can give your clients:

  • A personal and private business vault to share important documents
  • Easier and more secure document and signature exchanges
  • Confidence to be transaction ready
  • Real-time access and communication, including secure video access
  • Peace of mind and control over what is shared and with whom
  • A secure, convenient and easy to use cloud-based storage system

Are you ready to transform how you engage with your clients?

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